Day Camp 
The camp your son is eligible for is based on what his rank will be next year. So, if he is currently a tiger or wolf, then he would go to the Trailblazer Day Camp. If he is currently a bear or Webelos I, then he would go to one of the two Webelos camps (Day Camp or Resident Camp).

The boys really enjoy these camps, please consider enrolling your son in one.

More info to come!
Trailblazer Day Camp    (Pack 562 Coordinator for 2015/2016)
This five day camp is designed for boys who are currently tigers and wolves. It is held at Von Oven Scout Reservation in Naperville. There are three sessions being offered:

• Session 1 All Cub Scouts - (Mon-Fri)
Session 2 All Cub Scouts - (Mon-Fri)
• Session 3 All Cub Scouts - (Mon-Fri) 

Webelos Day/Overnight Camp  (Pack 562 Coordinator for 2015/2016)
This three day / one night camp is also being held for Webelos at Von Oven:

• Webelos Days (Thur-Sat) and Overnight on Friday

You can find some added info and pictures for both the Webelos Days and All Cub Scout sessions in the Three Fires Council site.  

Parent Action Items
  • Think about signing up or volunteering to be the coordinator!
  • Look for more info from our leaders
  • Check out the site pictures and talk to parents whose scouts have gone!