2014 Popcorn Sale has started

Post date: Sep 16, 2014 1:13:31 AM

From Bruce Riley (please contact him with questions):


As announced at the pack meeting last week, our annual popcorn sale has begun. Each scout who attended the meeting should have received a folder with the order sheet and details about the sale. If your son has not received a folder, please make arrangements with me to pick it up.

The popcorn will be delivered next Saturday, 9/20, and can be picked up my house starting that afternoon.

You can either take orders and deliver the popcorn later (but be sure and collect the money up front!), or you can check out popcorn from me starting next week, and sell directly. The boy scout council says that selling door to door is the most effective. They suggest that you have your son go to your ten closest neighbors.

Also, we have four days of selling scheduled at Ace hardware and Jewel, and we still have openings. See the schedule below, and please do a "reply all" to this email to reserve an open slot, so people will know what slots are taken. I will sign you up on a first come basis.

As described in the folder, we are asking the boys to set a $600 goal. However, if they sell $350 the $80 pack fee due on 11/15 will be fully waived. For anything less than $350, the fee will be prorated. Also, the boys will earn prices based on how much they sell.