Eagle Cave Overnight: Feb 1/2

Post date: Jan 17, 2014 8:22:22 PM

Get ready!! For those that have signed up, see below helpful info from Axel:

February 1st to February 2nd, 2014 (Saturday to Sunday). Here are some important pieces of information.

1) Directions

Eagle Cave is located near Blue River, Wisconsin (a 212 mile drive, or 3h30min according to Google maps). You can find directions at www.eaglecave.net (right hand side). If you can, please, car pool.

2) Check-in/out

a. Check in is Saturday Feb 1st after 10am – we meet in the ‘office’. Please, try to arrive before 11am. There is plenty of parking.

b. Check out is Sunday Feb 2nd before 10am

3) In the Cave

a. It is warm – about 52 degrees

b. It is wet – the colder it is outside, the drier it will be in the cave.

c. We follow the buddy-system – please remind your son.

d. Bring clothing into the cave you are comfortable to throw away afterwards! Have a change of clothing and a trash bag ready in your car for Sunday morning before you leave.

e. Pictures are at: http://www.eaglecave.net/Photo-Gallery/photo-gallery.html . The images 100-1834 and 100-1829 give you an idea of our camping site – I reserved the so called ‘River Bed Room’.

f. Please, do not bring clothing that has been worn in any other cave – even if it was washed. The US bat population is threatened by the 'White-nose Fungus’. We don’t want to help to spread it.

4) What to bring:

a. Winter Sleeping Bag

b. Sweats to sleep in

c. Foam mattress, cot or air mattress (can get a single person pool flotation mattress at Dollar Store)

d. Flashlight or head lamp

e. Plastic drop cloth or camping tarp to put under sleeping gear (2) under and one over your gear during the day

f. Old clothes for exploring (sometimes clay doesn't wash out and yes, you will get dirty or possibly wet!)

g. EXTRA CLOTHES (Always have enough dry clothes to wear)

h. Extra shoes, boots, clothes, hats, gloves, etc. (always have enough dry clothes to wear)

i. Toiletries

j. Towels

k. Spending cash if preferred (for game room / gift shop / snacks / extra beverages)

l. A couple plastic bags for wet or muddy clothes OR to keep items dry

m. Troop's first aid kit

5) What you might consider to bring:

a. Knee pads for exploring down under, crawling around in subterranean tunnels

b. Some kind of head protection such as a bike helmet, hard hat, or as little as a baseball cap or thick knit hat

6) What are we going to do?

The boys will get to crawl around in the cave as long and as much as they like. We won’t have any outside program (it most likely will be cold) or additional program (we most likely share the cave with other packs). Again – remember the buddy system. You cannot get lost in the cave – it has the right size that everybody will find their way around.