Fall Camp-Out and Pack Hike!

Post date: Sep 10, 2013 2:27:31 AM

Our Fall-Camp Out is two weeks away. Here is a short write-up of the event:

Our fall camp-out is at Greene Valley Forest Preserve September 28th to September 29th (Saturday to Sunday). We are on CampSites Nr. 6 and Nr. 7 (same as last year). A map of both the campground as well as the Forest Preserve is in the site's 'Documents' folder under Events. Greene Valley is near 79th Street and Highway 53.

The campsite opens up at 3pm and we have to vacate the campsites by noon on Sunday. Let’s plan to arrive by 5pm on Saturday. The Camp-Out ends officially after breakfast the next day.

Fire wood is provided by the Preserve – I need one volunteer to pick it up and transport it to our site. Please, contact me.

Everybody is responsible for their own dinner – we plan on having a campfire. Don’t forget smores.

The pack pays for breakfast.

Over the last few Fall Camp-Outs the boys played in the surrounding woods. We didn’t organize any separate games or events. Again, we are open to suggestions – especially if you want to organize a game or other event.

Finally, we’ll have our Pack Hike in parallel. Everybody who signed up for the Pack Hike, please, let’s meet at 3:30pm at our camp sites. We’ll hike the so called ‘Main trail’, which is about 2.7 miles long. That should take us a strong hour – we should be back before 5pm.

Please, be aware – it’ll be already cold at night. Prepare accordingly with warm clothing and a warm sleeping bag or additional blankets.

Information on Greene Valley Forest Preserve can be found here: http://www.dupageforest.com/Conservation/Forest_Preserves/Greene_Valley.aspx

Sign-up is still open.

Kind regards,