Help Needed for Blue and Gold Banquet Feb 21, 2015

Post date: Nov 17, 2014 1:06:55 PM

Help in many areas is needed for the Blue and Gold banquet in February. See Chris Hartley's mail below:


Hello parents,

The Blue and Gold banquet will be on February 21. It is a banquet to celebrate the birth of scouting as well as celebrate the graduation of the 5th grade Webelos. The 5th grade parents traditionally plan the Blue and Gold. I held a meeting on October 6 to discuss the planning of the Blue and Gold. We had parents volunteer for some of the jobs, but we still need others. A breakdown of the required jobs is listed:

1. Find Entertainment - This needs to be arranged as soon as possible. In the past we have had Mad Science, a magician, juggler, reptile guy, and had "Magic of Electricity".

2. Invitations and payment - create invitations (e-vite or paper?), send them out in January, keep track of who responds, collect money for families signing up, send reminder emails, keep a list of who is attending and keep the dinner coordinator updated with a count

3. Programs - create a program to be used at the banquet, list the 5th grade boys and what troops they will be crossing over to

4. Decorations - decorate the multipurpose room with balloons, table cloths, centerpieces. Set up a check in table in front of the door where families can drop off food donations, get a program, and pay if they did not pay ahead of time. Judson Pierce works for Party City and has donated some of the decorations in the past. Please contact him.

5. Dinner - find a caterer, arrange drinks, get paper products, get a cake (or two), set up the food and drink tables

6. Create Arrow of Light plaques - create the arrows and wooden plaques. Moms will wrap the arrows with colored string.

7. Put together the ceremony - pack awards, arrow of light, crossing over

8. Clean up - wrap up left over food, remove decorations. The custodian will put back the tables.

9. Friends of Scouting presentation - contact the Three Fires Council to arrange a presentation, hand out cards the night of the B&G

Ralph Wysocki volunteered to find entertainment (#1). Beth Vogel volunteered to handle decorations (#4). Miriam Sen will find a caterer (#5) and set up the food. Brian McClure will get the cake(s). We still need someone to handle drinks, get paper products, and set up the drink table. Bruce Riley will make the arrows and plaques (#6). I will put together the ceremony (#7) since it falls under my job as advancement/awards person. I have contacted our Friend of Scouting person to see if #9 is something we need to do.

We still need volunteers for items 2, 3, 5 (drinks and paper products), and 8. I believe we could use another person to help with decorations so Beth does not have to decorate by herself. Please let me know how you would like to help.

Thank you,

Chris Hartley